Max wearing a kilt during a tour of Scotland
- note plaster on nose to prevent being hit!

This year sees the 25th anniversary of punk rock; now come of age the genre has matured to become as influential in modern music as rock and blues. Recent interest has seen the reformation of a number of bands including the Sex Pistols, whilst a few original punk bands, Splodge amongst them, have continued to play throughout the UK and Europe.

Renowned for the lyrical masterpiece "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please" and the Rolf Harris cover "Two Little Boys"; Splodge brings a unique mixture of "pathetique" punk and bawdy beer swilling humour to the stage. Originally winners of the Melody Maker band competition in 1976, where the whole band appeared naked with cardboard boxes on their heads (full marks for originality); Splodgenessabounds went on to become a national name with appearances on Top of the Pops, complete with a nine piece band and a dog called "Two Pint's Pearson", and a national number one! Splodge recently played "Holidays in the Sun", Morecambe, the largest Punk Rock event ever held, to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Punk Rock, and coming up in September they are due to play a tour of Germany and play London in November at the "Holidays in the Smoke" festival.

The Splodge Bike Gang

Recently the band has played all over the UK from Bristol to Scotland, as far north as Mid Yell in the Shetlands, as well as the Irish Republic and has completed successful tours of Holland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The band has continued to tour with various line-ups and now includes Matt Sergeant (from Sham 69) on bass, Dudley Diplomat on guitar, Harry (eyebrows) Monk on drums, Frank Zappa's granddad on sax, and Max Splodge on vocals and lager.

The new album.

The band have just completed a new album titled "The Artful Splodger" recorded by Sex Pistols producer, Dave Goodman which has just been released on the Captain Oi label. This follows the success of last years "I Don't Know" album. The new album features guest musicians including; Micky Fitz from The Business and Wurzel from Motorhead, who will be guesting at some of the live shows. So if you're the type that doesn't like Lager, Vic Reaves, Viz style humour, loud music or Rolf Harris, then don't come to the gigs!

Visit the band's website: www.freewebs.com/splodgenessabounds

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