Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, No Direction, No Direction's
blend of a mix of classic 50's Rock'N'Roll and melodic Punk rock.
Casting comparisons with the likes of Social Distortion, The Wildhearts
and The Stooges. No Diction are making a splash in the U.K. music

No Direction relocated in London in 1999. after the release of
their acclaimed debut single 'Skip Tomorrow' and set about making
a name for themselves on this side of Europe. Last 12 months has
seen their fan-base grow and grow, thanks to two U.K. tours and
support gigs with bands like The Wildhearts.

No Direction have just finished recording their debut album and
are currently looking for a record deal.

The line-up is as follows:
Pete		Bass/ Lead Vocals
Matt		Guitar
Hannu		Guitar/Backing vocals
Sasu	 	Drums/Backing Vocals


"This band looks so gooddam cool you have to wonder if they're
gonna be a case of style over content. No way. If you want a few
loose comparisons, how do the Wildhearts, Social Distortion,
Peaves and Backyard Babies grab you? Yeah, they're that good.
They hit the stage with an air of confidence that immediately
wins over the crowd, and then proceed to attack their set of
superb songs likes it's all they know to do, and that's the best
possible compliment a band can get. Go see 'em you'll love it,
this is full-on rock'n'roll."

Reviewer - Paul Raggily
Publication - Rock Sound

		*		*		*		*

"Could time be right for a return to - gasp! - no nonsense
rock'n'roll? London-based Finns NO DIRECTION certainly must be
hoping so, a fact borne out of their first song being called
"Full on Rock'n'Roll" - mission statement as a song title - a
snarling two minute thrash that exhumes the corpse of the
Wildhearts and injects it with the rabid ferocity of Iggy's

Reviewer - Phil Mongredieu
Publication - Melody Maker

		*		*		*		*
"Dirty Finnish punk'n'rollers invade Camden. NO DIRECTION play 
Social Distortion style punk'n'roll with vocalist Pete sharing
that Mike Ness snarl. And he looks as hard as nails, like a 
cross between Ness and Ricky Warwick. As for songs, gems like 
"My Girl" and "World Gone Crazy" see those Finns peddling a 
streetwise, trad-punk sound (The Clash, The Ramones) and adding 
a twist of The Wildhearts and the Backyard Babies. Recent 
singles "Skip Tomorrow" blast into your eardrums. Final song 
"Right Today" features Pete strolling around the crowd with his 
guitar. By the end, Pete is bleeding for his efforts and 
Camden have a new band's name in their minds."

Reviewer - Brett Callwood
Publication - Kerrang - Live

Last update: 16 Feb. 2003