BLIND TO THE TRUTH E.P. – “Nato”, “Death of Morality”, “Acceptable Death Loss”. (Subversive Records.) Released November 1982. (1,000 pressing.)

“WHO KILLED THE GOLDEN GOOSE” c/w “Lonely Shadow” – Released July 1984. (1,000 pressing.) (Fightback Records.) COMPILATION VINYL

WE DON’T WANT YOUR FUCKING LAW – features ’84 demo of “Sign of the Times” (but poor quality) (Fightback Records 1985.)

A KICK UP THE ARSE – features “Ballad of Mad Harry” and “To Know Her” ’84 demo. (Rot Records 1985) (Ltd to 1,500 pressing) CD ALBUM

YOUNG DRUNK PUNKS – features both singles, ’83 and ’84 demos, live Cambridge and Kings Lynn, rehearsals. (1,000 pressing.) Overground Records 1999.) VINYL ALBUM (ITALY)

SINGLES AND MORE – as above + 2 unreleased live tracks. Superb remastered (2006). 100 red vinyl / 200 black. (Rockin’ Bones 2007) COMPILATION CD

Mortar Hate. Compilation of deleted singles. DELETED DIALOGUE – features “Golden Goose” c/w “Lonely Shadow” (Mortarhate, 1998.)

ANTI SOCIETY – features “Death of Morality” from ‘Blind to the Truth’ EP (Overground, 2006.) DVD

THE DAY THE COUNTRY DIED – features extra live footage of “Sign of Times” from Denver Hall, 1983, (Cherry Red, 2006) CASSETTE

Orange cassette, Reality Demos Live (Best Loved Hits) BEST LOVED HITS – 1985. 50-100 sold locally and through small ads in Sounds/NME. 1983 demos / rehearsals / live in London and Cambridge “Blue print for Young Drunk Punks”?