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Reality 5.1


Pink Sleeve, only 1st 50 copies had this!




'YOUNG DRUNK PUNKS' has now been deleted from the catalogue by Overground Records. You might be able to pick up the last ever copies from one of the stalls at Rebellion. It was out for ten years and amazingly sold 100 copies in Japan. The best tracks were selected for a limited vinyl release (300) in Italy called 'SINGLES AND MORE 1982-1984' this too has gone. We are looking to see if it is possible to put this material out again in the near future.

NEWS (25.7.2007)

NEW ALBUM released in Italy - 'SINGLES AND MORE 1982-1984'.
Includes the two singles, demo's and live tracks including two previously unreleased tracks. 300 ltd edition with 100 in red vinyl and 200 in black vinyl on Rockin' Bones. Remastered for a second time. More info at: or

"THE DAY THE COUNTRY DIED" book and DVD are out , a hive of info on the likes of Crass, Conflict, Subhumans, etc., and of course Reality. The DVD features a highly charged version of "Sign of the Times" filmed at Denver Hall (Downham Market, Norfolk) at the end of 1983. See bio page for details. CHERRY RED.

ANTI SOCIETY comp on Overground Records features a 2nd remaster of "Death of Morality" from the Blind to the Truth EP.

NEWS (5.8.2006)

Reality have a track 'Death To Morality' taken from their debut e.p. Blind to the Truth as the new release Anti Society. It incorrectly states Acceptable Death Loss. Available from Overground Records.

The autumn 2006 / winter 2007 should see a ltd edition (300) vinyl version of Young Drunk Punks. It's going to come out in Italy on Rockin Bones records. Hopefully in vomit coloured vinyl, 12 of the best tracks plus the unreleased live track 'Burning Sun' running into 'Brand New Cadillac' (Cambridge 1983). Maybe different artwork too? The CD is now virtually sold out.

Finally, to coincide with Ian Glasper's book - The Day the Country Died - published 16 October 2006 (see bio) there is to be a DVD Gritty footage of SUS (Ruts) has been submitted for this .... fingers crossed on this.

Next year (2007) maybe a CDR of rare rehearsals, demos, etc., and maybe a piss coloured 7". That's all folks.


Lyrics / arrangement for one of the earliest songs.


Gullet in usual form


Reality 5.5




Veng and Gullet



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