Robin Guy . John McCoy . Bernie Tormé

You can call it Hard Rock, Heavy Rock, Biker Rock, Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Sleazy Rock, Hippy-Trippy-Folk Rock, Garage Rock, Punk Rock...
Whatever, it still ROCKS! Which is exactly what G M T do best.
Effortlessly, in fact.

On the surface, a simple three-piece, yet the pedigree of the members is unbeatable:

Bernie Tormé - Guitar God/ Psychedelic Shredmeister/ Glam Punk Sleaze Rock Frontman. Universally known for heroically stepping in & saving the day for Ozzy Osbourne, when Randy Rhoads tragically died, world tours & international fame as lead axe-man in Gillan; also forming the nucleus of Desperado with Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider & ex Iron Mai den drummer Clive Burr, as well as fronting his own bands Electric Gypsies/ Tormé (with Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns/ Girl fame), Bernie is renowned for bringing his punk vibe to the arenas. He's also an Irish nutcase.

John McCoy - Lead Bass/ Living Legend/ L arger Than Life. Quite frankly who John hasn't played with, written for, or produced over the years isn't worth writing about! A small few include Gillan, Mammoth, Samson, Joey Belladonna (Anthrax), U.K. Subs, Atomic Rooster, Sun Red Sun etc etc. A man mou ntain with a huger sound, it should also be known that John McCoy has played on over 50 albums...!

Robin Guy - UK powerhouse drummer, drumming since he was a glint in his Father's eye, a quick credit check reveals rhythmical invol vement with such names as: Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Faith No More, Lars Frederiksen (Rancid), Casey Chaos (Amen), The Business, Rachel Stamp, All About Eve, Martin Grech, SackTrick, Adam Ant, & many more! His day job has included headlining Wacken Op en Air to 40,000 metalheads, surviving 55 shows in 60 days in the U.S., & playing festivals in Belgium and Essex...on the same day! Robin's loud, obnoxious style helps him fit perfectly between Bernie's wit, and John's charm, in fact you could say G M T is a three-way marriage gone horribly right!

Bernie: "Frankly it was going to take something really big to get me off my lazy arse and into the studio. John and Robin and G M T are that really big thing. G M T is big, loud, raw, rough, real, exciting, delicate, and unbelievably heavy. We're recording it just as it is: we don't need no stinking 1000 overdubs to create that wall of sound, we just play."

John: "We popped out for a couple of shows, to test the material and word got out - a bunch of fans flew over from Denmark to see the show - seeing as how Bernie & myself haven't been on stage together since '81, we knew this had to be special. The Danish fans also brought their 50 albums for me to sign... I was happy to oblige!"

Robin: "The first time I met Bernie Tormé & John McCoy, I was recording some session in Bernie's studio and we just clicked right away - the music, the style, the rock n' roll, the humour & vibes were right for one another (not to mention the free flowing Jamesons...). Or maybe we are the only people that can put up with each other... either way, the end result, for what we have achieved in a very short space of time speaks for itself! This album is gonna turn heads, as well as makin 'em bang!"

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Last update: 22 June 2006