Girls On Top

Performing together for 4 years now, GIRLS ON TOP have won a reputation in London for a pulse-racing and vulgar stage-act. Their songs are punk-driven pastiches of modern living - the lyrics direct, full of sarcasm and anger, and they have all the sleazy appeal of the New York Dolls.

In front of a silver-strip curtain, Neil Downe frantically fingers his guitar neck while Liddy Lustre squeals and thrashes her 70s drumkit to death. The new bassist and biker chick, Amanda Pukon (taking the place of Shanne Tastik) pouts and throbs magnificently as Vicki De Vice writhes and taunts the audience, makes love to a hoover and gives birth to a monster baby.

1998 saw the appearance of GIRLS ON TOP on TV as the ficticious band "Trash" on Kavanaugh QC. December 1997, the CD EP on the G.O.T. label was released, featuring the cult classic "BARBIE IS A SMACKHEAD". Along came the Nana records (of Camden) vinyl compilation of female artists (with Spy 51, Gertrude, Some Sonic) and G.O.T's cottaging anthem "BOYS MEET". "OVULATOR", the tasteless CD LP also on the G.O.T. label, was spawned at the end of 1999, and kicks off with "FUCKHEAD". It features the Xray Specs inspired "HEAD IN THE OVEN", an on-stage fave - the hard and heavy "MONSTER BABY", and the seedy slavery of "TRAINEE SEX-GOD".

GIRLS ON TOP hit Paris in spring 2000 to a riotous reception and toured with the Vibrators in the summer after some successful supports at the Underworld, Camden. Also upcoming is some more recording at the infamous Toerag Studios.


Last update: 5 July 2001