"I first came across THE DUEL around March of 2004 I immediately fell in love with the band. The third track Camden Town stuck in my head for days after and is still one of my favourite tracks."
Streetvoice Magazine March 2005

THE DUEL - Camden Town
Do you like punk rock? If "Yes, I like Greenday etc" is your reply, put down this magazine now and and go and buy Kerrang. However, if your points of reference are The Vibrators, Flux of Pink Indians, or even the Pistols, you'll really love this. The general tone is loose trashy, not-trying-too-hard-to-look-cool rock that true punk embodied in the seventies... a style which is hard to get just right, and the effect hasn't been seen much since! The vocal is reminiscent of bands like Vice Squad and the Violators, that alluring mix of sweet and scary that was usually accompanied by leather mini-skirts and peroxide spikes, and it's great to hear a punk band sounding like they are having fun with their anti-establishment anarchy, without resorting to being a joke band. Wonderful and refreshing.... (dare I say "pogotastic"?)
Let's all join in with the(b-side 'The Enemy') chorus now ... "Fuck the En-em-ee...."
Andy Tilley

The current line up of The Duel is Tara Rez (Vocals/Songwriter), Andy Thierum (Bassist/Electronics/Producer), Paul Laventhol (Guitars), Peppe Senofonte (2nd Guitar) and finally Jorge Felizardo (Drums).

Experience-wise the band have a proud musical history with Tara and Andy working together and writing songs on a number of successful projects dating back to 1998 having performed at many venues supporting bands such as The Damned, Dead Kennedys, UK Subs, The Vibrators and many more. Andy and Tara also have been djing punk rock for a number of years

Paul Laventhol - on lead guitar is the original founder member of the legendry King Kurt, bringing his classic punk rock sound to the band, Paul has a long history having shared the stage and playing guitar with Joey Ramone, Johnny Cash and Eddie Tenpole to name a few.

Peppe - 2nd guitar - having played in a number of successful bands in Italy now brings his driving "Ramonesque" rhythm guitars to the band.

Jorge - Drums - is a steady extremely tight drummer who has previously played in a number of successful bands in the States and the UK.

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